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Jayden Lamb Memorial Foundation (JLMF)

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Thank you Team Elmers...

for supporting the Jayden Lamb Memorial Foundation and helping rebuild hope after pediatric cancer.


Jayden Lamb


Is a non Profit Charity we have started to Not only honor Jayden But to also help families heal after they have lost a child to Cancer. Our goal is to send Families on a Vacation some where to just get away. Have some time with their spouse and/or children. We know that a Vacation will Never replace the feeling they have of losing their child but We hope it can help them just take their mind off their every day life. Losing Jayden we know how hard it is to walk by his room and see all his things. Knowing he will never come home to it again. Getting away will never take away the pain but it may make it hurt a little less for at least a week. Thank you to every one that bought a shirt, bracelet or even donated money. We have picked a family and hope to start planning their trip soon. They have a little boy about Jayden's age that passed away to cancer. It is our honor to put the funds that you guys have helped us raise towards this. We hope to help more than one family because the sad part is there are so many Parents suffering right now because they lost their child. All donations are tax deductible.

Thank you,

Tom Lamb
Chairman of the Jayden Lamb Memorial Foundation